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    • Our Brands
  • Our Brands

  • Read more about our world renowned brands in the four categories below where you can find the quality brands you have been using for many years and discover new taste sensations that can spice up your life - and that of your pets.

    • Confectionery

      From everyday treats to luxurious gifts, our brands
      are sure to put a smile on
      your face. Enjoy your visit
      and satisfy your sweet-tooth.

    • Food Products

      From ready-made meals to exquisite ethnic sauces,
      quality olive oils and tomato products, this is where you hunger will surely be satisfied.

    • Pets & More

      Cats, dogs, birds, pigeons, hamsters, rabbits - whatever forms part of your extended family, you'll find what to
      feed and treat them in this section.

    • Wines & Spirits

      Wine for everyday or for
      that special occasion, malt or blended whisky, liqueurs and quality spirits - Click here to make that party special.